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No matter your age, it’s essential to develop a retirement plan so that you can approach your retirement years with confidence. CFE can help you do just that a Traditional or Roth IRA.

CFE offers IRA options. Here is how they compare.

Taxed Contributions
Tax Deductible Contribution
Withdrawal Penalty
First Time Homebuyer Withdrawal Penalty Exception
Traditional IRA
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A tax-deferred Traditional IRA account can help you grow your savings for your retirement years.


Set your savings to grow in a tax deferred account. All dividends earned are calculated from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal.

Roth IRA
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Roth IRAs are for anyone who wants to minimize taxes paid in retirement. Begin now to benefit from decades of tax-free, compounded growth.


In addition to favorable tax benefits, Roth IRAs allow withdrawal flexibility and you may contribute at any age.

Term Share Certificate IRA
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Members with long-term investment horizons often use IRA Term Share Certificates to earn a higher yield than regular savings accounts.  


Enjoy higher dividend yields available at the time of certificate maturity. Tiered rates provide members flexibility for earning greater dividends.

Additional Retirement Options

Can your financial institution do all that?

A CFE membership is so much more than a secure savings account. As a CFE member, you have access to highly competitive savings and lending rates, powerful financial products, and discounts on everyday products that add up to a lifetime of savings. Start experiencing membership today the CFE way.

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