Fixed Rate Mortgages. Parents and baby playing in their new house.

Buy or refinance a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, the most popular and low-risk loan option available today. With CFE’s flexible mortgage loan terms and options, we can assist you throughout your home-buying experience. You can also earn rebates when you use our HomeAdvantage Program.

Features and Benefits
  • Conventional fixed-rate fully amortized loan
  • Flexible mortgage terms available for 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Minimum loan amount $25,000; maximum loan amount varies
  • Points can be purchased to reduce the interest rate. We offer options of 0, 1%, and 2%
  • Up to 95% financing available1
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Purchase or refinancing available
  • Low closing cost option2
  • Earn rebates when you use HomeAdvantage Program to buy or sell a home

Fixed Rate

Type Interest Rate Loan APR* Loan Points
30 Year First Time Homebuyer 4.375% 4.510% 0.000
10 Year Fixed Rate 3.625% 3.854% 0.000
15 Year Fixed (Low Closing Cost) 4.000% 4.310% 0.000
15 Year Fixed Rate 3.750% 3.909% 0.000
20 Year Fixed (Low Closing Cost) 4.375% 4.510% 0.000
20 Year Fixed Rate 4.125% 4.310% 0.000
30 Year Fixed (Low Closing Cost) 4.500% 4.628% 0.000
30 Year Fixed Rate 4.250% 4.384% 0.000

What to Expect

You can apply for a fixed-rate mortgage at any CFE branch, by calling our Contact Center, or online. To obtain a mortgage through CFE, you will need to be a CFE member in good standing.


Some other helpful actions to prepare for the mortgage application process include:

  • Calculate your income and monthly debt obligations
  • Check your credit and take steps to improve it where possible
  • Determine your mortgage budget
  • Begin saving for a down payment if you haven’t already

Learn more about buying a house with CFE. 

Buying a House


Only applies to purchase transaction and no cash out refinances.

If the mortgage is paid off within the first 36 months, you will be required to reimburse CFE for a portion of the closing costs paid by CFE. After 36 months, there will be no reimbursement due. Fees are collected during the loan process and will be credited back on the closing disclosure at loan closing.

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