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CFE's Opportunity Outreach Loan provides you with an opportunity to strengthen your personal finances and credit history. If you’re looking to build or repair your credit, a CFE Opportunity Outreach Loan may be a great solution for you.

Features and Benefits
  • Avoid payday lending debt traps
  • Repay your loan over a 12-month period
  • Establish and reinforce a positive credit history
  • Loan funds can be paid to you or directly to your creditor(s) to pay off high-rate loans or credit cards.

Payment Example:

Loan Amount: 





12 Months 

11 Monthly Payments2:


Final Monthly Payment2:


Total Final Charges:



What to Expect

To obtain an Opportunity Outreach Loan, you will need to have established CFE membership with a CFE Share Savings Account in good standing. Members are then able to apply for an Opportunity Outreach Loan in person at any CFE branch or by calling our Contact Center.


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Going to College

1 Annual Percentage Rate

2 Principal + Interest

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