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The importance of good credit cannot be overstated. When you need to establish or rebuild your credit, CFE's Opportunity Credit Building Loan is a smart choice. Over twelve months, you can improve your credit for future consumer loan requests like credit cards and auto loans.

Features and Benefits
  • Minimum $250; Maximum $500
  • Loan is backed by your savings account
  • To be repaid over a 12-month period
  • The savings funds you use to secure the loan are restricted
  • Make monthly payments
  • Funds from your savings account become available for your use
  • Leave your savings untouched and earn dividends

Payment Example:

Loan Amount:





12 Months

11 Monthly Payments:2


Final Monthly Payment:2


Total Finance Charges:


What to Expect

To obtain a Opportunity Credit Building Loan, you will need to have established CFE membership with a CFE Share Savings Account in good standing. Members are then able to apply for a Opportunity Credit Building Loan in person at any CFE branch or by calling our Contact Center.


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Going to College

1 Annual Percentage Rate

2 Principal + Interest

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