Payroll Services. Shop owner grabbing credit card from customer.

Payroll services are an essential responsibility for most small businesses. CFE partners with ADP to assist small business owners with convenient, dependable payroll services.

Features and Benefits
  • Calculate, file, deposit, and reconcile federal, state, and local taxes
  • Includes Social Security, Medicare, FUTA, and State Unemployment Insurance Premiums
  • Reduce the risk of tax penalties
  • Prepare and submit all payroll-related returns and reconciliation reports as required by federal, state, and local tax agencies
  • Handle the federal mandate for new hire reporting

What to Expect

To access ADP’s Payroll Services program, you will need to have established a CFE membership with a business savings account in good standing. Members are then able to take advantage of the many benefits ADP’s Payroll Services offers.


Terms and pricing are discussed between the member and ADP Payroll Services. CFE only serves the referral party between our business member and ADP.


We do not discuss pricing or terms with our members.

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