Merchant Services. Shop owner grabbing credit card from customer.

Boost your bottom line one electronic payment at a time. Use the Merchant Services program to manage your vital business logistics, such as electronic point-of-sale payment systems. CFE partners with Electronic Merchant Systems® to offer you convenient and affordable merchant services.

Features and Benefits
  • Merchant services available for local retail shops, multi-chain stores, internet retailers, mobile businesses, and more
  • A wide variety of products, services, and expertise available
  • Customer-care service available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Low, affordable rates and additional savings
  • Packaged solutions to streamline billing
  • Free suspicious transaction and chargeback assistance

What to Expect

To take advantage of our Merchant Services program, you will need to have established a CFE membership with a business savings account in good standing. Members are then able to take advantage of the many benefits Merchant Services offers.

Learn more about starting a business with CFE. 

Owning a Business

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