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Online Banking — Overview

Online Banking allows members to easily access accounts 24-hours a day by internet from the privacy and convenience of their home or office. Trips to the post office and branch are eliminated, thereby saving you time. Additionally, online banking gives you greater control over your finances in real time, so you can avoid costly overdraft mistakes and closely monitor account activity for fraud prevention. Online services are proven safer than paper statements, checks, and bills, so you also gain peace of mind. Best of all, there's no cost for this convenient service. Learn more about Online Banking's security features.

With Online Banking you can easily do all the following:

  • Check account balances and view up to a six-month history.
  • View e-statements and e-drafts of your cleared checks.
  • Pay bills online with Bill Payer.
  • Transfer funds from one account to another.
  • Set customized e-alerts to receive email notification of important account activities.
  • Stop payments.
  • Make a withdrawal, and we will mail you a check for the desired amount.
  • Apply for loans and check application status.
  • Order checks.
  • Manage your personal contact information and passwords.
  • Nick name your accounts for easier identification, and help encourage your savings goals.
  • Easily download your monthly account history into a personal financial management software such as Quicken™, to help simplify budgeting.

Bill Payer

Paying bills doesn't have to be a chore. Allow our online Bill Payer to take the pain out of paying your bills, in just a fraction of the time that it takes to write checks. In your Online Banking account simply enter your payees' information one time, and save. Then, to pay your bills you select the payee, enter the desired payment amount, and with a click of the mouse your bills are paid! Make a one-time payment, or schedule reoccurring payments. Your bills can even pay themselves when you set up automatic reoccurring payments. You control which bills are paid, how much, and when the money is deducted from your checking account.

Paying bills online saves time, money (no more in postage or check stock), and helps the environment by reducing the use of paper check and CO2 used to transport checks. Best of all, Bill Payer includes unlimited logins and unlimited payments.

Tips to help you get started using Bill Payer:

  • Choose flexible scheduling options.
  • Change or delete scheduled payment up until midnight of the day before the scheduled date.
  • Allow 5 business days if a check is mailed or 2 business days for an electronic transaction to reach a vendor.
  • Suggested bills you may want to set up for payment in Bill Payer:

    • Power
    • Cable
    • Auto Loan
    • Insurance
    • Retail Store Credit Card
    • Water/Utility
    • Internet Provider
    • Rent
    • Boat

1Bill Payer assesses a monthly inactivity fee of $8.00, withdrawn from your account on the first business day of the month, if not used to pay at least one bill within a 90 day period. To discontinue the service, contact Member Services.

Application Center

You can securely open an account or apply for a loan online with us and receive a response quickly.

Applying is fast, easy, and secure!

  1. Choose a product (personal account and/or loan)
  2. Complete the application (takes only 10 minutes)
  3. Check back for status (same day approval, in most cases)

After your application has been submitted, you will be notified via email once a decision has been made. You can also check the application status by logging in the Application Center using your email address.

eAlerts & eStatements

Manage your accounts in real time online with eStatements and eAlerts. These free, electronic account benefits are not only convenient, they also give you greater control over monitoring your accounts for added peace of mind.

An eStatement is your account statement delivered to you electronically via email. Choosing eStatements is good for the environment, saving trees and conserving the resources used in transporting mailed statements. One American household can save 6.6 lbs of paper in a year by switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments [Project Performance Corp]. eStatements are also safer than paper statements since it is easier to steal mail out of a mailbox than to break into secure systems protected by encryption software. You can enroll in eStatements inside Online Banking (under My Profile tab, click Change Statement Preferences, select Electronic from the drop-down menu) or call Member Services at (407) 896-9411 or (800) 771-9411 outside Orlando, option 3.

Inside Online Banking you can customize email service alerts to notify you whenever there are changes in your account. You determine which events trigger an email alert to you, such as transactions clearing your account over a certain dollar amount or a low balance notice. You can also choose to be notified whenever there are changes to your PIN or contact information. eAlerts make it easy to monitor your accounts and they provide an added layer of security with proactive, outbound notification to you of account activity. You can schedule your eAlerts inside Online Banking (under My Profile tab, click on Manage Alerts) from a list of commonly used alerts.

Security Features

The security of your personal information is one of our primary concerns. When accessing your account online, it's especially important for us to identify you and for you to be assured of being on our authentic website. MATT Lock is our online security solution designed to confirm your identity while providing the assurance that you're on our authentic website. MATT Lock helps eliminate unauthorized access to your account online.

It's easy to enroll in MATT Lock.

When you log in to Online Banking, you'll be prompted to answer three challenge questions that only you or your joint owner can answer. In the future, if anyone attempts to access your account from a computer, internet-enabled device, or phone other than the original device used to enroll, a challenge question must be answered correctly before access is permitted.

Call Member Services at (407) 896-9411 or (800) 771-9411 outside Orlando, option 3 if you have any questions.

MATT Phone — Telephone Banking

Our Member Automated Teller Transaction system will allow you to access your accounts 24-hours a day from a touch-tone phone. You can obtain specific account information and manage your accounts with just one phone call.

Simply call (407) 896-9411 or (800) 771-9411, outside Orlando:
Press 2 - To access MATT Phone
Press 3 - To speak to a representative for assistance

Transactions that can be performed within MATT Phone include:

  • Press 1 - Manage your account (Review recent activity and check history, make a withdrawal, and more)
  • Press 2 - Transfer money or make payments
  • Press 3 - Check account balances
  • Press 4 - Learn about products
  • Press 5 - Activate Card
  • Press 6 - Change your PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Press 0 - Speak with a representative