Do Your Part To Support Education!

Turn your everyday purchases into CASH for public schools at no cost to you! Cardholders earn cash for their school district simply by signing their name to pay for purchases made with the MyCFE4Schools debit card. And CFE pays 100% of the donation. CFE donates $.05 to the district of your choice every time a MyCFE4Schools debit card is used for a signature-based purchase.

The more people using the MyCFE4Schools debit card, and signing for purchases, the greater the donation paid to schools.  So remember, use the pen not the PIN! (Online and other purchases where you do not use your PIN are treated as signature).

Get Your MyCFE4Schools Card Today!

To get the MyCFE4Schools debit card, you will need to have a CFE checking account.

Don't already have a CFE checking account? This is the perfect reason.

If you have an existing CFE debit card you can convert it to a MyCFE4Schools today.

You may visit any CFE branch location or call the Member Service Center for more information at (407) 896-9411, or (800) 771-9411 outside Orlando, option 3.