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Interactive Course Descriptions


aspire account

To receive the partially secured Platinum credit card, complete:
Credit 101 – a course designed to increase your understanding of credit as it can be intimidating and difficult to navigate. We will review how to obtain credit as well as how to use it correctly. You will also learn how to manage and reduce any existing debt and your rights as a consumer.


To receive the auto loan rate discount, complete:
Auto Brew – an excellent resource to help users faced with the undertaking of acquiring a new vehicle. Making a large purchase can be overwhelming without the proper guidance. In this course, you will learn which factors are important to consider prior to the purchase, how to get the best price, and in what way your credit score will impact the acquisition and financing. You will also learn your rights as a consumer.


Opportunity Account


To graduate from CFE’s Opportunity Checking account to CFE’s Choice Checking account:

Checking Account Basics - an excellent overview about the dynamics of obtaining the right checking account to fit your needs as well as the importance of maintaining your account successfully to avoid unnecessary fees. Transactions such as making deposits, withdrawals, and automatic bill payments are also reviewed.


How to Register with KOFE


Step 1 Visit the members-only portal by clicking mycfe.kofetime.com.


Step 2On the login homepage, click the register button under log in.


Step 3 – Create a user name and enter your email.
                   The registration code for CFE members is: cfefcu


Step 4 – In the KOFE maker drop down, select Interactive Courses, KOFE Break Finance.

Completing the Course


After locating your course inside KOFE, follow the instructions to complete the lesson topics and take the final quiz at the end. A quiz score of 70% or above is needed to complete the course. After achieving the passing score, select the “Click Here to Continue” button to receive your completion certificate by email or view it in your course library.

In order to receive your auto discount, graduate to a Choice Checking account, or to obtain your partially secured Platinum credit card, you will need to submit your course certificate to CFE. You may submit your certificate electronically in the loan application center by attaching it to your currently open online application. You may also show your course completion certificate in person to a representative at any CFE branch.