Online and Mobile Banking Enhancements. Person using a laptop and credit card to shop.

 Managing Your CFE Credit Card is Even Easier Now with Recent

Online and Mobile Banking Enhancements

Gone are the days of time-consuming tasks just to manage your credit card account. With today’s online and mobile technology, you can enjoy all the services you need from the comfort of your home, office, or even on-the-go!

Enjoy New Online and Mobile Experiences 

CFE’s Online Banking and mobile banking products now offer enhanced functionality to provide members with greater control over the features of their CFE credit card: 

  • Use your CFE checking and CFE savings accounts to schedule and make payments on CFE loans 
  • Lock and unlock your credit card at your convenience 
  • Set travel preferences for your credit card before you travel the country or the globe
  • Submit a lost, stolen, or fraudulent card use report using an online submission form

Consider Your Options

Along with CFE’s enhanced Online Banking and mobile banking products, have you considered moving to e-Statements? 

  • If you currently receive paper statements for your CFE checking and savings accounts, you will begin to receive your credit card statement in paper format as well. To opt in to e-Statements for all CFE-related products, visit Online Banking and let us know your preference.
  • If you currently receive e-Statements for your CFE checking and savings accounts, you will begin to receive credit card statements in e-Statement format as well.
  • CFE encourages you to consider e-Statements as a great way to reduce your risk of identify fraud while managing clutter and unnecessary paper waste.