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School Districts

CFE Supports Local Education Programs Everyday. Founded by 23 Orange County educators in 1937, CFE honors its founding members’ dedication to education by supporting Central Florida school districts in many ways. Whether we’re volunteering on boards, attending charity events, or providing financial literacy efforts, CFE demonstrates the emphasis it places on local education through action oriented initiatives.

MyCFE4Schools Affinity Debit Card Program

Our successful MyCFE4Schools affinity debit card program began in 2009. CFE partners with Central Florida school districts to create co-branded affinity debit cards that allow members to support the school district they choose. When cardholders use the debit card for signature-based transactions, CFE sets aside funds to be donated to the school district. For more information on the MyCFE4Schools Affinity Debit Card, visit our debit card page.

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CFE High School Branch Program

The CFE High School Branch Program is designed to introduce the benefits of credit union membership to a new generation and help young people learn good financial management skills. We provide full training to high school students and prepare them to be self-sufficient to fully staff and run CFE’s high school branches on their campus. Students ultimately develop a better understanding of how financial institutions operate as well as gaining real-world work experience. Some student tellers have become full time CFE team members upon completing their education.


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