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Savings Incentive

We encourage young members to develop a lifelong habit of saving for their future. We've made it fun and rewarding with our Savings Incentive Program. By participating in the program, your child can earn up to $400 each year in Fun Bucks!1

Here's how it works:

First, open a regular Share Savings account for a child. The account can be opened with as little as $5 and earns our regular Share Savings dividend rate. Deposits and withdrawals may be made just like a regular Share Savings account.

Next, to enroll in the Saving Incentive program, establish a Fun Savings account for the child. The Fun Savings account is where you or the child will deposit money that is intended for long-term savings.

As a reward for leaving the money in savings, the Fun Savings account will earn "Fun Bucks." When $10 or more is deposited into your child's Fun Savings account each quarter, we will send your child a Fun Buck worth 5% of the total amount of deposits up to $100 per quarter or $400 per year. The child can bring the Fun Buck to any branch location or they can mail in the Fun Buck for deposit to their Fun Bucks account.

Fun Bucks really grow as the years go by. As long as no withdrawals are made from their Fun Savings Account during the time they are qualified for a particular youth group (i.e. Explorers: through age 11; Adventurers: through age 14; Innovators: through age 17), the amount earned in Fun Bucks deposits is theirs to keep!

1 Fun Bucks are paid quarterly and the rate is 5% on deposits of $10 or more with an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 5.09%. Maximum Fun Bucks earnings per quarter may not exceed $100. Funds awarded and deposited into the Fun Bucks Account are contingent with certain restrictions that apply. If young members withdraw funds from their Fun Savings Account they forfeit any Fun Bucks earned. Youth members may "cash-in" their Fun Bucks once they graduate to the next youth account level based on age (i.e. Explorers: through age 11; Adventurers: through age 14; Innovators: through age 17). Or young members have the option of keeping their fun bucks in the Fun Savings Account as they transition into their next youth account level. There is no penalty for making withdrawals from the regular youth savings account.