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CFE personal loans offer you the opportunity to take concrete steps to pursue your dreams and goals. Whether you’re looking to pay down bills, travel, or simply enjoy some extra cash, a CFE personal loan can help you make those dreams a reality.  

CFE Personal Loans


Personal Line of Credit

A PLOC may be a perfect fit for you if you need to borrow money incrementally, for any purpose you may have.


Getting approved for a PLOC is easy. Just complete a loan application once and borrow from your personal line as you see fit.

Signature Loans

A Signature Loan is unsecured with a fixed monthly payment, allowing you to borrow on the strength of your credit with no collateral necessary.


A signature loan provides flexible funds, although the interest rates may be higher than other forms of credit due to the lack of any real collateral.

Secured Loans

A CFE Secured Loan is backed by funds available in a CFE savings account and used to help build your credit and avoid financial missteps.


Borrow up to 100% of the balance in your share account. Funds stay in the share account and earn dividends while pledged as loan collateral.  

Certificate Secured Loans

A CFE Certificate Secured Loan uses funds in your term share certificate as collateral for a loan.


Borrow up to 100% of your balance in your term share certificate. Funds stay in the share certificate and earn dividends while being held as collateral.1

Student Loans

For college expenses not covered by scholarships and federal loans, CFE has partnered with Sallie Mae to bring you loans with great repayment options and competitive rates.


Get the money you need for school. Competitive interest rates; 3 repayment options; No origination fee.

Private School Loans

Fund your child’s private education expenses while taking advantage of any full/advance payment options offered by your child’s school.


Borrow up to $8,500 each year with a competitive interest rate set annually. CFE’s Private School Loan can be used for grades ranging from Pre-K to 12.     

Opportunity Credit Building Loans

Rebuilding your credit? A CFE Opportunity Credit Building Loan is a great way to get your finances back on track.


Repay your loan over a maximum 12-month period. Once the loan has been repaid, the funds originally deposited plus dividends earned are yours to keep.

Opportunity Outreach Loans

If you’re carrying high-interest debt and want to avoid payday lending traps, try CFE’s Opportunity Outreach Loan.


Take steps to establish a positive credit history and even pay off creditors directly while you repay the loan over a maximum 12-month period.

Boat and Jet Ski Loans

If you're looking to get out on the open water, a CFE Boat and Jet Ski Loan can help you get there quickly.


CFE's Boat and Jet Ski Loan has a maximum loan term of 180 months and financing available up to 90% of Retail Value or MSRP. Rate is based on your credit score.

Motorcycle Loans

A CFE Motorcycle Loan can get you out on the open road with the bike you want and rates you can afford.


No matter what kind of bike you're looking for, CFE has a loan for you. We offer financing for new, used, and premium motorcycles.

Camper and Motor Home Loan

If you're thinking of purchasing a recreational vehicle, CFE can help you with an affordable, competitive loan.


CFE's Camper and Motor Home Loan has a maximum loan term of 180 months and financing available up to 90% of Retail Value or MSRP. Rate is based on your credit score.

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A CFE membership is so much more than a secure savings account. As a CFE member, you have access to highly competitive savings and lending rates, powerful financial products, and discounts on everyday products that add up to a lifetime of savings. Start experiencing membership today the CFE way.


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1Funds borrowed cannot exceed $300,000