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CFE Youth Savings Accounts encourage our young members to begin saving and developing healthy, strong financial habits. CFE offers two unique accounts to aid at different stages of your child’s life.

Start saving now with a CFE Youth Savings Account

Your child’s financial future begins with the CFE Youth Savings Accounts program. With a youth account, your child can take steps to establish their own financial independence, while also taking advantage of CFE Fun Bucks, Savings Builder Share Certificates, waived membership fee, waived minimum share balance fee, and more.

CFE offers its youth members exposure to financial concepts and products through two age-based youth member account categories: 


Youth Savings Accounts

Origin Savings (0-12)

Begin to develop saving habits through participation in the Origin Savings account.  When your child participates in the Fun Bucks Program, they earn extra cash that can be withdrawn upon turning 12 years old, or they can keep saving to earn even more.

Vibrant Savings and Checking (13-17)

At this age, your child may have already started to earn extra money.  This account is an ideal way for your child to earn even more when they participate in the Fun Bucks Program. They may withdraw any extra cash earned within the year they turn 15 years old, or they can keep saving.  Once your child becomes age 18 they can continue to save in their Share Savings account.

  • Eligible for a complimentary Visa® debit card at account opening with instant issue, choice of design, no annual fee, EMV chip and Visa Zero Liability1
  • SaveTopia Discount Program mobile app
  • $500 secured Platinum credit card available2

Fun Bucks Program

We encourage our youth members to develop a life-long habit of saving for the future. We've made it fun and rewarding with our Fun Bucks Savings Incentive Program. By participating in the program, our youth members can earn up to $400 each year in Fun Bucks!3

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Each year, CFE awards scholarships worth $2,500 per year ($10,000 total) each to a few graduating high school seniors who are CFE members or dependents of CFE members.

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Savings Builder Share Certificate

All youth accounts include the option to open a Savings Builder Share Certificate, a 6-month certificate with automatic renewal. With as little as $5, you can begin building your child’s savings. With the capability to add funds to it at any time, you can build it however and whenever you wish. It earns a higher dividend rate than a regular savings account. Plus, as it grows to a higher balance, the savings rate climbs too.

Youth Savings Account Benefits

Opening a youth account is a great way to begin saving for your child's future while also teaching them important financial literacy concepts.

Consider Your Options

As your child grows, he or she will need a savings account program that offers products and services to meet their changing needs. CFE offers a Youth Savings Account for every age from childhood to young adulthood. Depending on your child’s age, he or she will fall into one of the two age-based youth member account categories: Origin or Vibrant.


In order to set up a youth account, you will need to bring the youth's Social Security Card or a tax return with their information on it to any branch. A proof of address will be required as well.


Savings Builder Share Certificate Eligible
Fun Bucks Available
Unlimited Bill Payments
Checking Account
Earn Dividends

$5 minimum balance required, no monthly service charge and fees, and earn 5% of deposits of $10 or more with Fun Bucks


$5 minimum balance required, no monthly service charge and fees. $500 secured Platinum credit card available2

Want additional information?

1The VISA Zero Liability policy does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by VISA, or certain commercial card transactions. Notify us promptly of any unauthorized use.
2Secured with $500 by parent or legal guardian. 

3Fun Bucks are paid quarterly and the rate is 5% on deposits of $10 or more with an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 5.09%. Maximum Fun Bucks earnings per quarter may not exceed $100. Funds awarded and deposited into the Fun Bucks Account are contingent upon certain restrictions that apply. If young members withdraw funds from their Fun Savings Account, they forfeit any Fun Bucks earned. There is no penalty for making withdrawals from the regular youth savings account or withdrawing funds from the Fun Savings account during the full year youth members are 12, 15, or 18 years of age.

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